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The Valley Center Band Program is under the direction of 

Jan Verboom, Crystal Rathburn, & Mary Wagoner

VCHS Concert Band 3-25-2019
VCHS Wind Ensemble 3-25-2019
HS Percussion Ensemble 2019
WSU Honor Band 2019 1

The Valley Center Band Program maintains a very active schedule. Please check out the calendar or your individual school's page for more detailed information.



Look at the VCHS/VCMS/VCIS Band Sections of the Website for more details on Info/Schedules & Times.


2023 Parent Orientation:

2023 Parent Meeting Handout:

August 2023 Performances/Events:

  • 8/21 & 8/22: VCIS 5th Grade Band Instrument Displays 4:30-7pm

  • 8/28 & 8/31: HS Band Uniform Alterations 6:30-8:30pm (Come & Go) 

September 2023 Performances/Events:

  • 9/30: Air Capital Marching Competition @ Wichita Heights (HS Marching Band) 


October 2023 Performances/Events:​​

  • 10/4: SCKMEA Jazz Auditions @ Collegiate HS 

  • 10/6: FB vs Andover-Homecoming (HS Marching Band) 

  • 10/20: HS Marching Band KBA/Senior Night Rehearsal 1:30-3:30pm/Band Tailgate following at 4pm

  • 10/20: HS Marching Band FB vs Andover Central (Senior Night)  

  • 10/21: Kansas Bandmasters Marching Championships @ KU (HS Marching Band)

  • 10/24: VCMS 7th/8th Grade Band/Choir Concert

  • 10/27: FB (Round of 32 TBA) (HS Marching Band) 

  • 10/28: Neewollah Marching Festival in Independence, KS. (HS Marching Band) 

November 2023 Performances/Events:​​​

  • 11/2: HS Choir/Jazz Concert 

  • 11:4: SCKMEA District Auditions & Jazz Concerts (Choir/Orch/Band/Jazz)

  • 11/6: VCMS 6th/VCIS 5th Band Concert

  • 11/11: WSL Honor Ensembles @ Derby North MS (Selected Students from MS 7th/8th Bands)

  • 11/17 & 11/18: HS Musical ("Snoopy")

December 2023 Performances/Events:​​​​

  • 12/1: VC Community Tree Lighting

  • 12/2: SCKMEA District Mini-Convention & All-District Choir/Orchestra/Band Concerts

  • 12/5: HS Pep Band BB vs. Liberal

  • 12/8: HS Pep Band BB vs Andale

  • 12/11: VCHS/VCMS Christmas Dinaucert

  • 12/12-12/16: HS Concert Ensemble Flipgrid Auditions

  • 12/12: HS Pep Band BB vs Eisenhower



We are excited about our upcoming events and hope that you'll be able to join us for some of them! Music education is a valuable part of developing well rounded students. We strive to present our students with as many opportunities as possible in a supportive environment.

Often a single concert or presentation measures the success of a music program. While it is true that a performance demonstrates the students' mastery of skills, it is only one aspect of our comprehensive music curriculum. Instrumental music classes in Valley Center  are designed to prepare students to be responsible citizens in tomorrow's society. What is it about music learning that offers young musicians a head start over their non-musician counterparts?

* Music develops interpersonal skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, negotiation and working with others; the basic personal attributes required for problem-solving in our modern day workplace.

* Music stimulates the creative, curious, and imaginative mind - the mental building blocks for critical thinking and self-motivation.

* Since much of music is active learning, it links the creative thought process to reality. The following quote is an excerpt from The Value of the Arts, created by the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities - 1993:

...Some skills taught only in the arts are as important to science as they are to art. Among these tools are playing, abstracting, building models and recognizing patterns. Non-verbal skills allow people to imagine and visualize new realities before they can be proven by logic or scientific experiment.....

When our students are in the act of making decisions based on present moment choices, they replicate the same thought processes used in expressing music. This is a human quality that must be developed; it is the foundation for all problem-solving skills.

When we take a holistic view of music learning, we develop a new perspective and appreciation for our school's music program. Music is important in the life of your child, our community, and our society as a whole.

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