2020 VCHS Summer Band Sectional/Rehearsal/Camp Dates:

  • HS Colorguard Summer Rehearsals (Monday/Thursday Evenings): Begin June 15th thru July 9th 6:30-8:30pm

  • HS Drumline Sub-Sectionals:

    • Tenor/Flubs: Tuesdays 8:30am-10am for 6/16,  7/7, & 7/14.

    • Bass Drums: Tuesdays 10:30am-Noon 6/16,  7/7, & 7/14.

    • Front Ensemble: Tuesdays 1pm-2:30pm for 6/16,  7/7, & 7/14.

    • Snares: Wednesdays 10am-11:30am for 6/17, 6/24, 7/8, & 7/15.

    • Full Group: Wednesdays Noon-1:30pm for 6/17 (Battery), 6/24 (Keyboards, Synth, Electric Bass), 7/8 (TBA), & 7/15 (TBA).

  • HS Wind/Brass Sectionals: They will be held from 7-8pm @ VCHS. Groupings will be posted in Classroom and High School Section of Website.

    • June 18th (Freshmen Brass & Section Leaders) &

    • June 25th (Freshmen Woodwinds & Section Leaders) 

    • July 9th (Grouping TBA) 

    • July 23rd (Grouping TBA)

  • HS Colorguard Dance Camp: July 14th-16th 8am-Noon

  • HS Colorguard Area Wide "The Camp": July 17th 1:00-7pm & July 18th 8am-4pm

  • VCHS Band Leadership Sessions: July 27th & 28th 9am-Noon

  • VCHS Colorguard Flag Camp: July 27th-31st 1pm-4pm

  • VCHS Drum Camp:July 27th-31st 1pm-4pm 

  • VCHS Band Basics Camp: July 29th-31st 9am-Noon


  • VCHS Band Camp: Aug. 3rd-7th 8am-4pm @ VCHS

  • VCHS Band Camp Parent Show & Tell: Friday Aug. 7th 6:30pm-8pm 

  • VCHS Band Evening Rehearsals: Tues. Aug. 11th & Thurs. Aug. 13th 6:30-8:30pm


These few days afford us an opportunity to accomplish what would take approximately twenty-two days, or over five weeks, on our regular rehearsal schedule. Therefore, it is imperative that no time be wasted and that students come to the camp prepared.  Attendance is mandatory. Grades will be given for Camp. The band camp dates will be discussed with the students in March before Spring Break. We are asking that all students and parents plan accordingly for the good of the band during this time. Communication and commitment is vital for the band program success and student experience. If there are conflicts with the dates they will need to be communicated by Friday, May 8th. 

Colorguard Google Classroom:





Drum Major/Leadership Camps Opportunities:

Welcome our new Co-Director of Bands, Kara Whitaker

WEEK OF 6/29-7/3

Thursday 7/2: 

  • HS Colorguard  Rehearsal 6:30-8:30pm


Friday 7/3: 

WEEK OF 7/6-7/10


Monday 7/6:

  • HS Colorguard Rehearsal 6:30-8:30pm (MASKS REQUIRED)


Tuesday 7/7:

  • HS Tenor/Flubs 8:30am-10am (MASKS REQUIRED)

  • HS Bass Drums 10:30am-Noon (MASKS REQUIRED)

  • HS Front Ensemble 1pm-2:30pm (MASKS REQUIRED)


Wednesday 7/8: 

  • HS Snares: 10am-11:30am (MASKS REQUIRED)

  • HS Full Battery w/Accessory Percussion Noon-1:30pm (MASKS REQUIRED)

    • Due to Covid Phase II restrictions. 

    • Groupings will change from week to week.


Thursday 7/9: 

  • HS Colorguard  Rehearsal 6:30-8:30pm (MASKS REQUIRED)

  • HS Sectional (Grouping TBA)

    • Due to Covid restrictions

    • More Instructions TBA. Be prepared for a visual (marching) rehearsal. 

    • 7-8pm in HS Band Room or Auditorium​


Friday 7/10: 


Summer Dates At A Glance:

  • July 14th-16th: HS Colorguard Dance Camp: 8am-Noon

  • HS Colorguard Area Wide "The Camp": July 17th 1:00-7pm & July 18th 8am-4pm

  • July 15th/16th: Percussion Sectionals

    • Tenors/Impact Drums 8:30am Tuesday

    • Bass Drums: 10:30am Tuesday

    • Front Ensemble: 1pm Tuesday

    • Snares: 10am Wednesday

    • Full Group (Grouping TBA): Noon Wednesday

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