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Beginning 5th Grade Information 

VCIS 5th Grade Band Class 2:26-2:56pm (30 minute classtime)

1st Semester Sectional Schedule

  • Monday: Flute/Percussion Sectionals

  • Tuesday: Trumpet-French Horn/Trombone-Baritone-Tuba Sectionals

  • Wednesday: Clarinet/Saxophone Sectionals

  • Thursday: Flutes/Trombone-Baritone-Tuba/Percussion Sectionals

  • Friday: Clarinets/Saxophone/Trumpet-French Horn Sectionals

5th Grade Band Method Book





2023-2024 Concert Schedule: To Be Announced 

  • Proper attire for concerts:

  • Young Men- Dress Slacks or Khakis and Nice Shirt. We would like to keep away from Athletic Shoes and Jeans if possible. If there are issues we ask the students to communicate that to us. 

  • Young Ladies- Dress, Dress Slacks or Skirt with a Nice Shirt or Blouse. Nice Shoes. 



5th Grade Band Information: 


5th Grade Band Parents- Band This will be based this much on the standards that are now used in the Intermediate grades. 


4 areas of content:


Weekly Attendance w/instrument-book: Exceed/Meeting Standard/Progressing/Not Meeting Standard. Currently we are needing band students to make stand tags with their names to help us take accurate attendance. 


Outside of class Home Practice: (Use of Practice Reports discussed during class.) 

  • 75 minutes per week or above=Exceed

  • 60-74 minutes per week=Meeting Standard

  • 59-40 minutes per week= Progressing

  • 39-below minutes per week= Not Meeting Standard


Attitude/Participation: Exceed/Meeting Standard/Progressing/Not Meeting Standard. 


Performance: Exceed or Not Meeting Standard


2nd Semester:

The other area will be putting bigger groups together. This will be on an alternating schedule based on 2 groups of band students. One would be called the Purple Band, the other Gold Band. One instructor will be in front of the full group while the other will maintain sectionals from the group meeting that day. 


Students will be placed in one group based on home room teachers. 


2nd Semester Class Schedule:

  • Monday: (Alternating ) We would put out which group would be going per week. This would be easiest to work with due to Inservice Mondays. 

  • Tuesday: Purple Band

  • Wednesday: Gold Band

  • Thursday: Purple Band 

  • Friday: Gold Band 

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5th Grade Band Announcements


Dear Parents,


We're off and running in the 5th grade band-we know that many of you are wondering why the kids only know one or two notes in some cases-we promise that it's all part of the process, and ask you to trust us. It will start progressing much more quickly, especially with the start of practice cards, which is the purpose of this email. This is a long message but contains a lot of important information, so please take the time to read through to the end.


This note is to let you know that today and tomorrow in class, ALL students will receive a copy of the practice card that we use in 5th grade band. Normally students will be responsible for picking up their own, but this first time we will make sure that each student receives one. Here is what you need to know regarding practice cards:

  • Example Practice Card -click the link to view a sample practice card.

  • Practice cards ALWAYS go from Monday-Sunday. The practice card that your student receives today is what they will use starting on Monday, Oct. 25th. The dates for this first practice card is from Monday, Oct. 25th-Sunday, Oct. 31st.

  • Students will always turn in their practice cards to their individual folders on Monday, even if they don't have band that day, and pick up a new card at the same time. The reason for this is that after Christmas, we WILL have band every single day, and we want them to already be in the habit of turning in cards and picking them up on Monday.

  • Students are asked to practice 20 minutes per night, for a MINIMUM of 100 minutes per week (or some combination that equals 100. 100 minutes will get them a total of 100/100 points). 

  • At this point, students really SHOULDN'T practice more than 20 minutes at one time, as fatigue and short attention spans can set in, and do more harm than good. Please don't allow your student to wait until Sunday to try and get in all 100 minutes, as that does not reinforce the concepts we are working on.

  • See attachment for an example practice card-please help your student fill them out until they get used to the process.

  • The parent signature MUST be present in order to receive a grade-it serves as our verification that a student is actually doing the time indicated. 


Practice cards are worth 100 points a week, but be aware that it only takes missing a few for those points to add up. 


Here are a few practicing tips that will help ensure successful habits develop:

1. Students should practice at the same time and in the same spot every day. Please try to have the student practice in a place that encourages good posture (i.e. not their bed or a couch/recliner). They should also make every effort to use a music stand, instead of looking down at a table or flat surface. This inhibits breathing, and also can make it difficult to produce a good sound.

2. Students will always have an assignment to be working on. This assignment is given during class time, and all concepts will be gone over in class before the assignment is given. We also have playing tests, which are marked in the book. These are good benchmarks and progress indicators.

3. Students should follow the steps we use in class to learn lines. We always clap and count first, say note names and "air finger," then we sizzle and air finger, then they can play the line. Brass are also encouraged to "buzz" their pitches and notes before playing. Feel free to ask for a demonstration from your student about these steps. Your involvement and encouragement can go a long way in a student's overall involvement and commitment.  

4. It's better to practice things slowly and fix mistakes as they go along, rather than to rush through and learn something the wrong way!


Hopefully this helps to explain how the practice cards work. If you have any questions, please let us know. Just a reminder, our first concert is in two weeks in the Middle School gym on Nov. 5th at 7:00pm. We will have more information regarding the concert at a later date.



Kara and Jan

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